The Enigma Tool is a strong device for all dashboard diagnostic, airbag, radio and immo repairs.


Package includes all software and HEX codes you will need to program all instrument clusters in Enigma Tool.

ENIGMA is a the only tool you will need to start digital odometer programming. This programmer is the best odometer repair kits in the market. With Enigma you can diagnose & repair Car Odometer, Airbag, Radio and Immobilisers.

Enigma Tool - You Tried The Rest, Now Try The Best!

ENIGMA is a portable tester that can be used for diagnosis and repair of electronic systems, mostly of automobiles. This is our main product. A durable, compact construction was designed using the newest technologies and the product is professional, simple to use and of high functionality. The device is of a small size, powered by 12 V and stand-alone, so it can be freely used outdoors. 

Based on our own research and work, the operation of our device completely avoids so called "scanning", making it free of the commonly repeated errors that are present in other products of this type. 

ENIGMA differs from other products in its high quality software and reliability. It can also be updated from the Internet. We also offer a convenient mode of operation. Our tester can be used by persons who do not have any special knowledge in the field of electronics or computer science, and its straightforward menu makes it unnecessary to study thick manuals.

Why ENIGMA is worth choosing:

  • works with newest models of cars
  • safe for tested/repaired electronic systems
  • reliable mode of operation
  • competitive price
  • most advanced technology
  • exceptionally simple, intuitive use
  • frequent software updates
  • user can read and write the settings via the diagnostic connector (where available)
  • professional construction
  • big, easy to read color display
  • software updates available from Internet
  • works with a PC via the USB socket
  • user can back up data
  • activation of the software via Internet
  • user has option to receive software on demand, client-requested
  • 12 V power supply, available in any car
  • small size (210x130x40)
  • good-looking design

    08.19.2013,   ENIGMA V3.05

    200 euro Software for mileage programming via OBD2.

    Previous activation of program 274 is required.

    Audi/Seat/Lamborghini RB8.
    Improved detection of other tools use.
    Free of charge for owners of program 93. Software improvement.

    Dodge Charger -2011 HC9S12DG256 1K79X.
    Free of charge for owners of program 28. Software for direct microcontroller programming.

    Opel Combo 2012- OBD2.

    Free of charge for owners of program 203. Software for mileage programming via OBD2.

    Renault Sagem Nec78K PCB X64, X65 V5.01.
    Free of charge for owners of program 241. Software improvement.

    Citroen C-Elysee Bsi 95256.
    Citroen C-Elysee Dash 93C86.
    Hyundai HB20 24C16 Brasil.
    Peugeot 208 Bsi New Sw.
    Peugeot 3008 Hybrid Bsi New Sw.
    Mahindra Scorpio 93C46.
    Nissan Altima 24C16.
    Nissan Smart Brasil 93C86.
    Toyota Camry 93C66.
    Toyota Yaris 93C66 Improved.
    Free of charge for all ENIGMA users. Software for direct eeprom programming.


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